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Day Two of Baranduin's visit and it has all been really great. Do go to her journal and check out all the photos she is posting.

We have been eating well and eating very healthily. I made almond butter today and it was yummy.

We have been watching DVDs and making bead bracelets. And doting upon the kittens. Gideon is being "relentlessly obnoxious." Smudge is being stoic and thus utterly unimpressed by anything that Baranduin offers him as an acknowledgement of his wonderfulness. And Bangs is a special snowflake who wouldn't let anyone touch him for the first day and now is demanding tummy rubs and allowing himself to be held and snuggled, even if only for a few brief moments.

Last night we watched Grand Budapest Hotel. I found the movie to be wonderful and just so beautifully constructed. I loved how the story line, the characters, the dialogue and the movement of the actors all fit together in one of the most beautifully constructed films I have ever seen. I was utterly enchanted. And Wes Anderson is not my favorite director by a long shot but it was as if every movie he has made up to now was to allow him to fit together all the pieces of plot, dialogue, movement, and just all of it. Quirky. Odd pacing. Very stylized. But it all came together and delivered a powerful film. So glad I finally watched it.

Then tonight we watched How to Train Your Dragon. We covered up the kitties' eyes during the sad or scary parts.

The cats found us very annoying.

It is nice to have the kind of company that gets you to relax while they are here.

Tomorrow the mountains!

First Post

May. 2nd, 2009 06:00 pm
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This is my first post on DreamWidth. I am hanarobi here and hanarobi on LJ.


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